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Back to school collection 2021


New collections of backpacks and school supplies

This 2021 is the second year that we live with the Covid 19 pandemic, and in which I think we have all realized how lucky we are to have such well-prepared schools and such professional teams of teachers and managers, who go out of their way to educate our little ones in the safest and happiest environment possible. That is why this return to school will once again be an event of special illusion, and in which we hope to recover part of the resources and comforts that we seem to have lost due to that damn pandemic.


And since it is almost here, better to leave everything ready and have the backpack, notebooks and folders, the pencil case and all the necessary school supplies ready for back to school instead of turning it around when it is not playing! Also, who does not remember to go at the last minute for everything and not find anything that is needed?


At Busquets we have the widest range of school supplies and stationery. That is why we bring you the new blog to tell you about the collections for the new school year 2021-22. We present them to you, and you, with a single "click", choose the one you like the most (or something of each, that in the variety is the taste).


Lovely Flowers by Busquets
A multitude of flowers on a red-purple background extends over backpacks and cases like an endless meadow.

The phrase Lovely Flowers, embroidered in intense magenta and lemon-yellow thread, comes with added volume in the large formats, standing out even more on the flower print fabric. A cheerful appliqué in the shape of a floral sneaker, made of quilted fabric, stands out in the larger textile formats.
Predominant colors: Purple-red, beige, multicolored print, lemon-yellow details and Magenta.


Best Friends Forever by Busquets


Two inseparable friends share a bicycle and laugh every day, under the blue sky of their city.

This friendship story combines an urban and multicolored impression of buildings and streets, with colorful scenes of complicity between the two companions and their games in the park. And an eternal rainbow of friendship covers them wherever they go.
Predominant colors: Multicolored mix for the urban print with a predominance of pastel turquoise. Sky blue and acid colors for the fronts, scattering of clouds and white flowers. Details and finishes in turquoise and orange.


Love Your Planet by Busquets

We all think that you should always lead by example and the Love your Planet collection accounts for that.

Behind the beautiful slogan there is a commitment to sustainability and care for our environment, thanks to the use of recycled material or RPET fabric with which the body of these backpacks is made, as flexible, waterproof and resistant as the others, but with an extra responsibility ecological environmental.
Predominant colors: Navy blue base, variable and multi-color dispersion pattern of stars and hearts. Zipper pulls with silver metallic star. Handles, straps and zippers, in matching sky blue.


Arctic by Busquets


International scientific expeditions focus their interest on getting to know better and better and therefore protecting this immense frozen territory and its species. Something that should be today for everyone, a priority universal goal.

Inspired by the beautiful images that come to us from this frozen territory, we have created the ARCTIC line in which we have captured the flashes of glacial light and trapped the marine hues in a blue print.

Predominant colors: Range of blues, in the pattern and in the background gradient in the small formats. Silver holographic silkscreen, details in fluorine yellow and black.




Sporty and wild design with which Bestial Wolf surprises us again.


The red-on-black aesthetic that the brand flagships surprises us this time with a collection made entirely of slightly grained fabric -canvas type- on which it stands out powerful, a combination of matt and glossy serigraphs, which draw with a soft relief -puff-print - in white and red, the logo of the well-known brand. The zip pullers facilitate opening and access to the interior of the backpacks and are made of soft black rubber with the embossed red and white Bestial Wolf logo. Black mesh zippers, ribbons and side pockets.




The most powerful collection of this year owes its intensity to a great combination of the animal print in bright red tones on fuchsia on an explosive magenta with which we have made its pieces.


The contrast of its logo embroidered in gold thread on the fronts and the shiny gold metal of its zippers on black, make it even more vibrant if possible. Magenta rubber zip pullers and 3D heart-shaped appliqué, made of magenta Glitter metallic effect fabric. Magenta mesh side pockets, black and gold ribbons and zippers.

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