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Best Friend Forever backpacks and school supplies Best Friends Forever

Best Friend Forever

by Busquets

Two inseparable friends share a bicycle and laugh every day, under the blue sky of their city.

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This friendship story combines an urban and multicolored print of buildings and streets, with colorful scenes of complicity between the two companions and their games in the park. And an eternal rainbow of friendship covers them wherever they go.


Serene sky blue serves as the basis for the Best Friends Forever logo applied to the multi-colored rainbow stitched onto backpacks and larger formats. Orange zipper pull tapes with white screen-printed logo text, bright orange buckles and side grilles, and contrasting deep turquoise blue zippers.


Predominant colors: Multicolored mix for the urban print with a predominance of pastel turquoise. Sky blue and acid colors for the fronts, scattering of clouds and white flowers. Details and finishes in turquoise and orange.

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