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Lovely Flowers backpacks and school supplies lovely flowers

Lovely Flowers

by Busquets

A multitude of flowers on a red-purple background extends over backpacks and cases like an endless meadow.

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The phrase Lovely Flowers, embroidered in intense magenta and lemon-yellow thread, comes with added volume in the large formats, standing out even more on the flower print fabric. A cheerful appliqué in the shape of a floral sneaker, made of quilted fabric, stands out in the larger textile formats.


Multicolored floral print, on a red-purple background on the body and handle of the backpacks. Side pockets in red-purple mesh, beige zippers with yellow-lemon pull, magenta straps, Lovely Flowers volume embroidery in magenta thread and yellow-lemon details. Quilted fabric appliqué in the shape of a floral sneaker.


In the paper formats, two patterns are combined: the floral multicolored with a cheerful print of sneakers.


Predominant colors: purple red, beige, multicolored print, lemon-yellow and magenta details.

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