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Santoro´s Gorjuss Handbags, gifts and stationery

Santoro´s Gorjuss

Handbags, gifts and stationery

Gorjuss™ is a truly beautiful and captivating property from Santoro London synonymous of fine design and products of exceptional quality.

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Each Gorjuss™ image portrays feelings conveying always an emotion and telling a compelling story. The focus of the brand is portraiture, and part of its strong appeal is the scope of what can be captured in a moment, the stillness of the figure and the gaze looking out at you.


Gorjuss™ is a unique brand, both new and nostalgic, that appeals to adults and children equally. Targeting high-street and up, retailers, licensees and consumers are all falling in love with the brand.


Copyright: ©Santoro Gorjuss™ is a trademark of Santoro. All rights reserved. Licensed by Santoro.

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