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Becool by Busquets


by Busquets

Sporty, funny, dreamy, creative,... and is that the best thing about being yourself is that no one else can be. The new Be cool backpacks are specially designed for you and have different personalities. Which is yours?
Be trendy, be you, BE COOL.

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  • Becool Becool Let it Be backpack 19080090100
  • Becool Becool Belle backpack 19090090200
  • Becool Becool Dreaming pencil case 19008090400
  • Becool Be cool Athletic folder 20010090500
  • Becool Be cool Trendy backpack 19080090300
  • Becool Be cool Gracefull backpack 19090090600
  • Becool Becool Let it pencil case 19008090100
  • Becool Be cool Belle folder 20010090200


There are 6 different designs of backpacks Be cool by Busquets:


Backpacks and school supplies Be cool Let it be by Busquets are decorated with a patterned background of fuzzy shapes of many colors where green predominates. In the center is the phrase "let it be" in white color superimposed on the drawing of a black star.


Backpacks and school supplies Be cool Belle by Busquets are decorated with a white background and colorful flowers that seems like a hand-drawn. On top is written the word "Belle" simulating a black permanent.


Backpacks and school supplies Be cool Trendy by Busquets are decorated with a pale pink fuzzy background and floral patterns mimicking the trace of a black permanent.


Backpacks and school supplies Be cool Dreaming by Busquets are decorated with the phrase "Dreaming over" in the form of yellow graffiti on a print of pink colors and different shapes.


Backpacks and school supplies Be cool Athletic by Busquets are decorated with a blue background imitating the cheetah print with the number 93 in white and large. Above is the phrase "Athlit love" with pink letter framed in black.


Backpacks and school supplies Be cool Gracefull by Busquets are decorated with a black background and pink words imitating the stroke of a pen with shapes of hearts and flowers spread overhead. At the bottom there's a giraffe with flowers on her head.


Above the small pocket of ALL backpacks there is a silver metal pin with the Be cool logo. Zippers and black straps. Custom handle.