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Tutú by Busquets


by Busquets

Release the tutu to the wind and let it dance with it! Life is too short to wear boring uniforms ... so, whether you are a dancer or just a lover of tulle and pink chiffon skirts, we welcome you to the Cheerful and optimistic world of pink tutu backpacks and school supplies.

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Go to scooter class and always be accompanied by a bouquet of balloons, just because it is the most fun complement to your wardrobe is just a small sample, of the Pink philosophy. Fronts with acrobatic dancer character and his applied gauze tutu -in large pieces- over white and gold-screen printed details. Appliques: zipper pulls and buttons in gold and pompom in magenta chiffon.
Predominant colors: Main pattern in a range of roses combined with fuchsia. White, pink and gold silkscreen fronts with different ballerina drawings.