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Pink Jungle by Busquets

Pink Jungle

by Busquets

An explosion of flowers and colors is wildly tangled in each of the formats of this design. The Pink Jungle floral lettering, with their embroidered outlines, stands out against the pink gradient fabric. The fun heart wall light made of fuchsia glitter fabric highlights and illuminates the larger textile formats.

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Anarchic print of multicolored flowers on a fuchsia gradient background in contrast with burgundy red sides, handles and straps, coral red zippers and Pink Jungle logo with khaki green embroidered outline on the fronts. Greenish-yellow touches on the side grilles of the backpacks. 3D applique on fuchsia glitter fabric.


Predominant colors: Fuchsia, a range of intense reds and yellow details combined in all textile and paper formats.

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