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Ladybug by Busquets


by Busquets

The serene sky blue color serves as the basis for the two patterns with which this collection is dressed: Tulips, multicolored leaves and ladybugs for the main pattern and a small pattern of ladybugs alone for the second, they are the basis for the fun sequin-ladybug applique. reversible that will allow you to change color in the larger textile formats: Red and black on one side of the wall light, turn to fuchsia and silver on the other. In smaller formats the ladybug is applied with printed sequin on fabric.

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Predominant colors: Pastel blue for the base, multicolored for flowers and branches and deep red for ladybugs. Zip pulls with red button and black dots. Handles, straps and zippers, in matching pastel blue. Grilles in deep red.