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Bestial Wolf backpacks and school supplies bestial wolf

Bestial Wolf


When you're freestyle you decide what the limits are. Show your claws with Bestial Wolf.

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Bestial Wolf is a very famous brand of scooters and accessories. Busquets Group has reached a licensing agreement to design and produce what we do best, backpacks and accessories school supplies for back to school in tune with your scooter.


The Bestial Wolf design manages with only three colors to provide great intensity and visual tension to its entire range of backpacks. The Ripstop technical fabric with which they are made, is made up of a solid framework that gives it great resistance, to ensure that they always support your rhythm and energy, no matter how overwhelming they may be. The high-quality finishes combine screen prints in satin red with others in white and 3D volume to highlight the logo and the claw with maximum intensity, with which the brand is identified. Zipper pulls made of matt black rubber and embossed logo, to facilitate their opening. Black Ripstop fabric, and red zippers, straps and handles. Predominant colors: Red, black and white.

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