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Sports by Busquets


by Busquets

The sportiest design of this campaign is dedicated to those of you who literally feel like “roadrunners” and who enjoy walking trails and mountain routes.

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The aesthetic of Sports Trail Running is inspired by the tones of the deepest forest and interprets the silhouettes of the trees by pixelizing them in intense black on a gradient that goes from the darkest green tones to the lightest yellowish green of the graphical tracings. The Logo plays with the silkscreened in fluorine yellow and the word SPORTS embroidered in intense turquoise thread, the words TRAIL RUNNING that complete the logo, are printed in shades that blend subtly with the background.

The zip pullers facilitate the opening and access to the interior of the backpacks, thanks to the fluorine yellow rubber with which they are made.

Predominant colors: Gradient from very dark green to the base yellowish-green, print of graphically pixelated silhouettes of trees in black and light contrasting strokes. Greenish gray zippers and details and neon yellow rubber handles. Smooth fabric in deep black and grids, ribbons or buckles in the same tone.

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