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Moon backpacks and school supplies Moon


by Busquets

In To the Moon and back! the stars have aligned to inspire this original design of backpacks and school supplies halfway between astral fantasy and romance, a trend that if you allow us, we anticipate baptizing as astroromantic. Our protagonist does not live on the moon, but she has decided to spend a few days among constellations and satellites to collect some stars and share them with you back home.

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Illustrative and poetic style with fantasy characters in medium to large sizes that includes gradients and gold and transparent glitter. The print of white constellations on a light blue background in small size is sprinkled with little stars in gold glitter and accompanies the different fantasy scenes that dress the fronts of all formats. Straps, handles, grids and zippers in mauve with star-shaped gold metal handles, how could it be otherwise. Predominant colors, intense gradient from bluish purple to saturated magenta in contrast to sky blue and gold glitter details.

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