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Dreamer by Busquets


by Busquets

A cute display of fresh leaves and flowers, giving shelter to busy bunnies with a simple and carefree style for your backpack. They stick out their ears and jump among the vegetation playing to blend in with the environment.

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Naif-style print with a natural theme, with small or medium-sized motifs and clean, pastel tones. A single print of leaves of different greens mixed with lilac and purple flowers and bunnies with a clean purple line, on a bright mint green pastel background. The density variations of the print alternate in all formats, combining densely populated parts with others that are more clear.


Bright mauve straps, zippers and side vents. Matching zipper pulls, in large formats made with mauve ribbon and the I'M A DREAMER logo printed on its surface. Keychain pendant in soft mauve synthetic fur finished off with adorable long bunny ears.


Predominant colors: Pastel mint green, lively greens of different shades and flowers and bunnies in mauve and purple.

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