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Colors by Busquets


by Busquets

The cheerful explosion of trees, seeds, fruits and flowers roam freely in the backpacks and folders of this collection. Vivid multicolored naïve floral print, with a small motif.

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Combine two different matching prints. Printed with mini multicolored flowery trees on the fronts and printed with tiny tiny flowers on the rest, both on a delicate pastel turquoise background. The straps in magenta, matching the sequins, add a nice counterpoint that contrasts with the fabric. Blank zippers. Touches of more intense turquoise on the mesh sides. The logo that gives the collection its name stands out thanks to the dozens of magenta sequins that, sewn to the fabric, claim the fabulous color explosion. A 3D butterfly-shaped key chain pendant made of blue felt adds even more flashes of color, alternating different shades of sequins sewn along its surface.


Predominant colors: Pastel turquoise, intense turquoise, multicolored flowers and magenta in the logo and straps. Butterfly appliqué with multicolored sequins.


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