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Blog > The great day of my First Communion is approaching!

The great day of my First Communion is approaching!


Types of communion albums according to your tastes.


The great day of the first communion of our little ones is approaching and they are becoming more nervous and excited, but above all we are the parents and relatives finalizing details and thinking about all the preparations to make it a very special day.

That's why we want to remind you of that detail that may escape from your hands and that is the most necessary to remember the most precious moments of the day:

The communion albums!

There are many times that during a Sunday afternoon we have opened again and again that old album to remember how it was all: the smile of our grandfather, the white shoes, our companions with their dazzling costumes ...

But what to choose?

In Busquets we offer several types of communion albums to adapt to the taste of each one of you.



Scrapbooking albums:

And is that scrapbooking is fashionable!

For those who like to decorate with colors everything they write, create and have fun customizing the communion album. It contains 48 decorated pages, as well as a pack that includes washi tape, decorated frames for photos, stickers and cutouts or drawings. You just have to let your imagination run (and take advantage to have a nice time between parents and children).

The following three models of scrapbooks are made with traditional binding, stitched, quality and finished printed on the cover. They contain 76 pages in total. Its first 29 pages are designed to make everything easier: full color and with the most relevant texts of the celebration to write and paste photos. The rest of the pages are blank to incorporate photos, texts or drawings freely.



First communion albums:

The "my First Comunion Busquets" Souvenir Books present different designs. You can choose between more classic designs, fun, floral, gold, or with bright touches and small details that stand out in their bindings.


Communion Books Paspartú:


If you want to look like a photographer in the scrapbook, your ideal book is this one. This format incorporates a mat on the cover to place a photo of the protagonist of the day. You can choose between round or square formats and adapt the photograph to your measurements!


Musical Communion Books:

The musical communion books are ideal for those who like to give an animated and fun touch to their memories. They include a musical chip with Schubert's Ave Maria, which is activated by opening the cover. You will be able to choose the design that you like the most among the variety of First Communion Books, whether they are with a mat or without it. You are going to surprise sure!

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