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Blog > Summer camps: What to put in the bag?

Summer camps: What to put in the bag?


What to put in the bag?

Summer camps:
What to put in the bag?

When summer arrives, most of you think about where your children will spend a few days, how long and, above all, how they will do it.
It is very important to take into account the fate of these camps and what they will spend most of the time.
Whether you leave home for weeks, days, or just during the day or on a summer sports campus, your children will need some essentials to fully enjoy their time there.

We start with the most necessary of all:

Busquets travel bags or sports are perfect for both occasions thanks to its format, with a main compartment and a side for shoes and its lightness and comfort, with carrying handles, adjustable strap and padded base.


The trick is to take sports clothes that can get dirty, bathing clothes to get wet and other clothes for dinner or dancing on the last night.
Let's never forget the underwear, the pajamas and socks! Another essential is the towel, and even better if it is quick drying, does not take up space and is super light thanks to its microfiber.



Although it is summer, it is possible that it is cold at night, so do not forget to put a sweater and a waterproof jacket.

The shoes will have to be tied, in addition to wearing flip flops, both for the shower and for water games.

Remember to mark the labels with their names on the most important garments so that they always return home.


Inside this, apart from clothing and footwear, we must never forget the toilet, with its brush and toothpaste, soap, a hair brush, mosquito repellent, deodorant and sunscreen. Do not worry about the first-aid kit since its monitors will always be on top.



It is very possible that they go hiking some other day, so they will have to take a day to just weigh the snack, 
or a shoulder strap with adjustable strap, in addition to a hat or sunglasses and canteen. 
Another even lighter option is a double pocket fanny pack, as they will be much lighter (and fashionable) and have free arms to play.



Talking about snacks...

If your child is going to spend the day away from home and needs to take lunch or food in a lunch bag,
another alternative is the picnic or lunch box.
Thanks to its isothermal interior, food and drinks can be kept fresh or hot.


Also, maybe you want to bring some souvenirs or buy a soft drink during the trip,
so it is very important to carry some coins inside a purse.




For the rest, they will only have to carry a lot of energy and you want to have a great time!

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