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Spring BUSQUETS 2022


With what collection would you stay?


What collection would you stay with?


09710 COLORS


The cheerful explosion of trees, seeds, fruits and flowers roam freely in the backpacks and folders of this collection. Vivid multicolored naïve floral print, with a small motif.


Combine two different matching prints. Printed with mini multicolored flowery trees on the fronts and printed with tiny tiny flowers on the rest, both on a delicate pastel turquoise background. The straps in magenta, matching the sequins, add a nice counterpoint that contrasts with the fabric. Blank zippers. Touches of more intense turquoise on the mesh sides. The logo that gives the collection its name stands out thanks to the dozens of magenta sequins that, sewn to the fabric, claim the fabulous color explosion. A 3D butterfly-shaped key chain pendant made of blue felt adds even more flashes of color, alternating different shades of sequins sewn along its surface.


Predominant colors: Pastel turquoise, intense turquoise, multicolored flowers and magenta in the logo and straps. Butterfly appliqué with multicolored sequins.


09720 UNIQUE


Dose of exclusive fantasy to dream. The degraded and sweet tones of this backpack frame the beautiful friendship between our protagonist and her Unique horse.


Backpacks and school supplies with an illustrative style, fantasy characters in medium or large sizes. Intense colors and glitter details. The main print of white stars on a bright pink background coexists with the different fantasy scenes, which take place on a gradient from yellow to bright pink and are embellished with purple, lilac and turquoise details. A few strokes of clear glitter highlight areas of the drawing and add whimsy to the whole.


The 3D quilted star-shaped key chain charm, in metallic purple, highlights and illuminates all larger textile formats. The overall design stands out for its liveliness thanks to the combination of the print and the color gradients, to which is added the bright orange of the straps, cords and zippers and the intense fuchsia of the mesh sides, in some formats.


Predominant colours: Vivid pink, gradient shades from yellow to pink and contrasting touches of orange, magenta and violet blues. Gloss in textile formats and silver stamping finishes, in paper formats.




A cute display of fresh leaves and flowers, giving shelter to busy bunnies with a simple and carefree style for your backpack. They stick out their ears and jump among the vegetation playing to blend in with the environment.


Naif-style print with a natural theme, with small or medium-sized motifs and clean, pastel tones. A single print of leaves of different greens mixed with lilac and purple flowers and bunnies with a clean purple line, on a bright mint green pastel background. The density variations of the print alternate in all formats, combining densely populated parts with others that are more clear.


Bright mauve straps, zippers and side vents. Matching zipper pulls, in large formats made with mauve ribbon and the I'M A DREAMER logo printed on its surface. Keychain pendant in soft mauve synthetic fur finished off with adorable long bunny ears.


Predominant colors: Pastel mint green, lively greens of different shades and flowers and bunnies in mauve and purple.




In the Love your Planet design we try to make sustainability and optimism go hand in hand thanks to its recycled RPET fabric. We would like you to spread ecological awareness while transmitting a message of planetary love to the four winds with your backpack, thanks to its cheerful embroidered graphic patch.


Seventies-inspired print with a small spaced floral motif on a light blue pastel background. Large multicolored embroidered emblem on the fronts with fluorescent pink tulle appliqué.


Vintage graphic style of widely spaced white and multicolored daisies on a pastel blue background that contrasts with sides, handles, zippers and straps in the same shade of blue, but more intense. Large front emblem in the shape of a heart, with typographic embroidery and framed by very cheerful and light fluorescent pink tulle marabou. The patch is embroidered with threads of different colors. Silver metallic heart-shaped key chain ring.


Predominant colours: Pastel blue in different intensities, multicolored flowers and embroidery, large marabou heart detail in fluorescent pink and embroidered fonts.




Sporty and dynamic style, graphically inspired. The Xsports collection is now dressed in a renewed graphic print of bias stripes. The color fades on a backpack with a sober black background, thus highlighting the vibrant shades that range from intense turquoise to yellow.


The eye-catching logo combines bright yellow embroidered typefaces over a metallic holographic print, standing out on backpacks and cases in the collection. Graphic print of diagonal stripes with a gradient from turquoise to warm yellow, on a black background. Medium print and logos.


The print stands out in all formats on intense black both on the front and on the back straps of the backpacks. The zippers are in turquoise blue, the cord pullers are yellow and rubber is gray. The mesh sides and straps are black and the typographic Logo with metallic holographic stamping and embroidered characters in intense yellow. The handles are finished in cord and rubber that facilitate the grip and opening of the zippers.


Predominant colors: Gradients from intense turquoise to yellow on black. Turquoise details, touches of yellow on handles, as well as on endpapers in paper formats.




The Reverse backpacks are born with the intention of attracting the attention of the urban and non-conformist style. The design is fed by a variety of black patterns and graphic styles on shades of gray and neon strokes, which give rise to an intense and original street camouflage.


The Reverse graffiti logo invades with its large size and embossed serigraphic finish on all the textile fronts, while the embossed rubber logo confirms the design. Urban camouflage print and graphic style, in shades of gray and neon touches, medium size. Very large screen-printed logo with relief and rubber touch.


Straps, sides and handles in black, silver zippers and handles finished with technical cord and rubber to improve grip and opening of these. Brand logo stamp in black and white rubber with reliefs.


Predominant colors: Black, gray, fluorine. Silver metallic details and black Stuffed serigraphs with a rubber touch and relief.


09780 ROUTE66


This backpack design is for lovers of the road, asphalt and gasoline and of course, for those who aspire to star in their own road movie on the back of a mythical motorcycle.


Typographic print with black texts on blue. Average size. Large front serigraphs and slight relief. The textile formats combine two styles. The dark gray and black asphalt texture that serves as the basis for the main serigraphy. The detailed lines of a large classic motorcycle printed in white ink with light relief that accompanies the text The road to paradise is rough in matte blue.


The secondary print inverts the colors and plays with the same text repeated ad infinitum, but in black on blue and is also replicated on the back straps of the backpacks. The black and white metal plate with the Route 66 logo signs all the formats of this collection. Cyan blue straps, zippers and side vents. Black faux leather zipper pulls with white screen-printed Route66 logo.


Predominant colors: Black, dark gray, cyan blue, white.

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