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Spring BUSQUETS 2020


With what collection would you stay?



What collection would you stay with?




Oh spring ...


The change of time, the first buds on the trees, the warmest temperature, the flowers and the colors ... It is the most anticipated times of the year, and with it also the new spring collections of Busquets. All of them are inspired by spring, but their designs make them different and special in a unique way.


In addition, they are the perfect gift to congratulate the communion to the smallest of the house, or to give as godparents to your godchildren on Easter Day. And is that brand new backpack, case, folder or new school material recharges the energy to go to school with more enthusiasm.


Do you want to meet them?


Let's go there!




Backpacks and light school supplies as a field of poppies in motion, the Freely line proposes a fresh and casual floral print, with dragonflies included.



A nice detail: according to the Feng Shui dragonfly, it is considered a bearer of good luck and is considered as an amulet, according to some cultures. Freely we may like it only for its colors and prints, but secretly we also know that a beautiful talisman never exceeds anyone.



Poppy print alternating different sizes in purple, fuchsia and beige tones, with embroidered dragonflies and pastel touches. Predominant colors: Bordeaux and fuchsia, golden metallic details.



We all know that the sequins are pixels in festive mode and that is why we decided that they could not miss in this collection of backpacks and school supplies that will fill with colorful reflections from the school bus to the bleakest class.


If you are fascinated by the multicolored shine and the raisins of gray and monochrome, look no further because you have found the most festive backpack in the universe. The reversible sequins on the front draw a large butterfly in large formats that will change color as you pass your hand.


Multicolored butterfly print of bright tones on a white background, highlighting a large butterfly made with reversible sequins in large pieces or bright sequin printed in small formats. Predominant colors: Vivid multicolored on white combined with magenta.





A magical aquatic pool serves as a refuge for fish, fascinating water lilies and beautiful creatures of supernatural powers from our backpacks and Magic Nature school supplies.


The gradients of blues highlight the large purple and lilac flowers and water lilies while captivating mermaids embroidered in magenta and metallic lilac thread give this magic collection the right spot of shine.



Uniform print of fish and lily pads on light blue background; Fronts in deep blue gradient on which the big lilac and purple flowers in which mermaids and fish stand out, hide and play. Magical Nature, mermaid, dragonfly and fish embroidered in purple metallic thread. Predominant colors: Blue and purple gradients golden metallic details.






Release the tutu to the wind and let it dance with it! Life is too short to wear boring uniforms… so, whether you are a dancer or just a lover of tulle and pink chiffon skirts, we welcome you to the cheerful and optimistic world of Pink Tutu backpacks and school supplies.




Go to scooter class and always be accompanied by a bouquet of balloons, just because it is the most fun complement to your wardrobe is just a small sample, of the Pink philosophy. Fronts with acrobatic dancer character and his applied gauze tutu -in large pieces- over white and gold-screen printed details. Appliques: zipper pulls and buttons in gold and pompom in magenta chiffon.


Predominant colors: Main pattern in a range of roses combined with fuchsia. White, pink and gold silkscreen fronts with different ballerina drawings.






The most dynamic design of Backpacks and school supplies from Busquets combines the depth of the oil blue and black base color, with an absolutely effervescent graphic design; the turquoise metallic accent of the logo and the oversized typography NO LIMITS compensate for the measured sobriety of the design.



Balance between light and dark, between matt and bright. Between your effort and your limits. You dare?



Predominant colors: Black and petrol blue with white-turquoise gradient graphics. Metallic turquoise screen printing on the logo. Zippers and details in light gray rubber handles in fluorine green


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