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Relive the summer vacation in a scrapbooking photo album


Far off are those summer vacations in which a reel of 36 photos was enough to immortalize a month of our vacations. Today we can make hundreds of photos with our mobile phones and digital cameras in just a couple of days of vacation.


The worst thing about this is that many times all the photos remain on the reels of the mobile or in the folders of the computer without anyone looking at them again. To give a new life to your holiday photos we propose a very special DIY that you can do with the smallest: a photo album with scrapbook for children.


This children's manual project is perfect to do on a stormy afternoon or on a creative morning before it comes to school. Follow these simple steps and your children will soon become expert scrapbookers.



1. The star photos

The first thing you should get to make a holiday scrapbook photo album with the kids are precisely the photos. Choose the photos of the vacations that you like and let the children choose their favorites too. Try to reflect all the fun moments of these months and there is variety in the type of photos: landscapes, pictures of groups, funny faces, etc.



2. Colors and textures

Sure you have at home much material to start with scrapbooking for children: scissors, glue, scissors, colored markers and punch. In addition to that, you will need a scrapbooking album or a few cards that can be joined with a ribbon to make the pages.



To make the scrapbook photo album as special as possible, get colored papers, some ornaments and labels and decorative ribbons. Let the children choose the colors and designs they like so that the album is as personal as possible.


To make it even more original look at home materials that can be recycled as gift wrap, ribbons or colored bags. Creativity to power!


3. Let your imagination run wild


Now comes the funniest part of scrapbooking with kids: the time to design the album. Gather all the material, photos you want to keep in the holiday album and let the children decide how they want to do it. Although you can guide them through the process so they understand what they should do, remember that this is a children's craft project. Help them with the scissors if necessary or fix some small mess but let them choose the way they want the photos, the colors they want to use and the stickers they are going to put. The more children do in their own way, the more special the summer photo album will be!


Other children's scrapbooking projects you can do in the summer:

- Travel diary. An entertaining way to make a trip even more fun is to give the children a notepad at the beginning of the vacation and ask them to write down what they have done and decorate the pages with the travel memories and some scrapbooking decoration.


- Poster with summer photos. It is a faster project and easy to do but just as beautiful. Stick the holiday photos on a poster board and let the children decorate it with scrapbook material and colorful ribbons. When they finish, it will be a very cool poster to hang in your room and remember the funniest moments of summer all year long.


Once your projects of photos of the holidays with scrapbook or the other projects are finished you will have a memory for the life of a special vacations. Also, summer photos will no longer be forgotten forever on a memory card.

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