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New collections of school supplies

Back to school 2019/2020

Discover the new collections of school supplies!



Vacations at last!


The beach, the mountain, the town, or the big city, all are good alternatives to spend the summer and disconnect from everything.

Of course, if you want to disconnect 100% you have to leave the tasks for the return to the finished routine, since otherwise you will have the head to another side and you will not enjoy the holidays to the fullest.


Better to leave everything ready and have the backpack, notebooks and folders, the case and all the necessary school supplies for the return to school instead of spinning when you do not touch! Also, who does not remember to go at the last minute to everything and not find anything of what you need?


In Busquets we have the widest range of school materials and stationery.

That's why we bring you the new blog to tell you about the collections for the new school year 2019/20.


We present them to you, and you, with a single "click", choose the one you like the most (or a little of each, which in the variety is the taste).




We all love to dream about the wonders of this world.

Even so, with the collection of school material "Dreamer" you can do it with your eyes open. Whatever your dreams may be, this collection is a tribute to the dreamers who always pursue a dream.

Its design with lampante colors, brightness, neon prints, and a thousand drawings, plus a tassel of the most ideal, you will fall in love wherever you go through their backpacks of different formats, notebooks and folders and accessories of school supplies.





"Lol" is the favorite collection of people who are always in a good mood. Notebooks, folders folders, backpacks and the most fun.

Lol in English, literally means JAJA or laugh loud and strong, so if you do not have a hard time smiling and you always see the positive part first, this design is going to be your favorite.





Sometimes words are superfluous when the images say so much ...

"Magical" is the collection of fairy tale school material. Flying fairies and many wishes to fulfill! In addition, its golden accessories that hang from their backpacks and cases make it even more special and it is impossible to stop looking at it.

A collection dotted with fairies and seeds of dandelion flower.

Do you already know what desire you are going to ask for?





Do you have an adventurous spirit and a traveler? Are you constantly thinking about where in the world you would like to go and get lost by your amazons? Then the collection of school material "Exotic" is certainly for you.

The bright and fun botanical motifs that invade the pieces of this collection, are willing to climb your back and spread through notebooks and notebooks to recreate the jungle in your class. Do not be scared, none of these plants is carnivorous and instead they are a total trend this year, although you already know that.





Sweeter than a fairground cotton or jasmine flowers. "Sweet" has the most in love bags and backpacks of all and its 3D pendants catch your eyes.

On a soft base of lilac gradient, thousands of oriental-inspired cherry blossoms are scattered, a red so intense that in contrast to the background they seem to vibrate with a life of their own. In addition, the stamping on the inside of your notebooks and folders creates a harmonic contrast with the rest of the material.






Dynamic and vibrant collection for the days of training ... although if the sport you are passionate, why not for every day?

You can choose between 3 different formats of school backpacks. The radial design on the blue fabric expresses speed and dynamism while highlighting the yellow fluorine zippers. The "X-Training" logo stands out in the front panels, combining silkscreen silver with yellow fluorine embroidery, both in the tissues of backpacks and cases and in notebooks and folders.


A collection with super powers. Are you from Team X?



All the collections are made up of a wide range of school material products: backpacks of various sizes and formats, sorting folders, dividers, filing cabinets, toiletry kits, fashion accessories, various cases, sports and travel bags, ... Do not worry about that.


As a gift we want to leave some downloadable wallpapers created from the designs of our backpacks, cases, folders and notebooks:



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