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Busquets launches new website


It will offer our customers and users a better experience

New web adaptable to all devices and resolutions that brings a new vision of Busquets, a new experience focused on you and the fantasy of our products. There is nothing more important for us than to make children who go to school happy. But for this it is essential to connect children and parents, with retailers, bookstores, gift shops and online stores that trust us, and that is our mission.


The new Busquets.com focuses on parents and children can navigate the Busquets world, find the backpack, fashion accessory or school material accessory that you like more, and give all the facilities so you can find it either in the nearest retailer, as in an online store.


That's why one of the improvements we have incorporated is the "Find your store" function where you can find the nearest shop, or a trusted online store. We are sure that our official distributors will help you better than anyone to find what you are looking for.

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