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Back to school collection 2020


New collections of school supplies

This year, both parents and children, we are looking forward to school again! Despite the confinements by Covid 19 and all the uncertainties about the next course, they will not take away the illusion of going back to school.


Better to leave everything ready and have the backpack, notebooks and folders, the case and all the necessary school supplies for back to school instead of going around when not playing! Also, who does not remember going to the last minute for everything and not finding anything they need?

At Busquets we have the widest range of school supplies and stationery. That is why we bring you the new blog to tell you about the collections for the new school year 2020-21. We present them to you, and you, with a single "click", choose the one that you like the most (or something of each, that is in the variety of taste).




The countdown begins: three, two, one, ... zero! close your eyes and launch your imagination to the moon without leaving class. Stars and stars are combined in the most nocturnal collection of this course while a soft and fluffy moon dominates over the great blue firmament in which large dreamy eyes and stars embroidered in silver thread stand out. "Furry" trend in the fun light blue moonlight.




Rainbow Recipe: A pinch of Cotton Candy, a gram of rainbow unicorn glitter and a drop of rainbow. Stir gently while still whistling and let stand in the moonlight. The result leaves no one indifferent: backpacks with fun motifs on a gradient colored background and rainbow handles, combined with a print of clouds and kisses. Screen printing accents in metallic fuchsia, among festive icons and slogans.



Imagine it: A couple of friends rolling around the world, in their beautiful van, in which there is never a lack of songs sung to the sound of ukulele or homemade lemonade. Caring for and protecting nature while having a great time is its main objective. Now that you know the “Fun and Friends” plan… do you join?



Nature Love

There is no nature lover who resists flowers ... except for those allergic to pollen! With them in mind, we have created the Nature Love line combining a mix of delicious flowers that will cause sighs of love instead of sneezing. The mixture of rich and intense flowers as well as sweet, recreates the Boho trend that feels so good to urban accessories. The central sconce is a lush flower made of quilted fabric and overlays where the different fabrics of the collection are combined.




In the maps of the imagination, we have all traced extreme routes and limit experiences, on the edge of our possibilities. The Greenland line is for those who dream of expedition of their life through the fjords with the constant company of sub-zero temperatures.

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