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Back to school 2017: Let´s look for the perfect backpack



That dreaded and desired time of the year arrives. The return to school is already here and with it the moment to make decisions about schedules, clothes, activities, meals and much school material. One of the most important decisions to make before returning to school is what backpacks are going to take our children to school.


To choose the perfect backpack for school, there are many factors that must be taken into account. Do not worry! Here we give you some tips to find the backpack ideal for the return to the classes and you can dedicarte to finish enjoying the summer with yours without stress.



1. Age and constitution of the child

To choose the right school backpack we must take into account the age of the child. Each school year has different needs and will need a backpack appropriate to the material and the amount of books that must be carried every day. For example, in the first years of primary school there will be no need for school supplies or books and it is better to choose smaller and lightweight backpacks. In high school courses will have to choose bigger and resistant backpacks in which they can carry more books comfortably and safely.


We must also take into account the constitution of our child to choose the appropriate backpack. To know if the backpack is of its size this should start in the shoulder area and end at the waist and have to lean well in the lower back.



2. To taste, colors

The time to buy a backpack to return to school can be conflicting as children and especially adolescents are often guided by aesthetic criteria to choose the backpack they like and forget about the practical part and the health of their back . For everyone to be happy we can look for quality backpacks with attractive designs.

It is important to take into account the colors and designs preferred for each child. For the more romantic we offer you the backpacks of our Skater collection and for the more daring ones in the Dreams collection: its striking colors will delight you! Mountain lovers and adventures will love the Summits backpacks.



3. Take care of your back

This is undoubtedly the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing the perfect backpack for back to school. We give some tips for backpacks take care of the back of the little ones.

Suitable straps. They must be padded, wide and adjustable so that the weight can be distributed according to the height of each child.

Divide the weight between the two shoulders. Especially in the growing season it is important that the weight is balanced to avoid malformations.

Distribute the weight inside. When loading the backpack it is better that heavier objects such as books are upright and as close to the back as possible.

Compartments. To make sure that the weight is distributed throughout the backpack is important to choose backpacks with compartments. Sharing the weight by the backpack is better for the back and is also very practical.

Do not overload. This is the key to a healthy back. The weight of the backpack should not exceed 10% of the child's weight. Teachers should also know this and keep it in mind when sending homework or taking books home.

Put wheels on it. Backpack carts are a perfect way to unload the children's back. The removable carts are very practical as they can be incorporated into the backpack as needed. If children use a cart for the backpack it is important that they change the hand with which they pull it.

We hope you have been served these ideas to choose the backpack ideal for back to school and that you find without problems what you like the children.


Tell us: What is your main problem when choosing a backpack for your children? What do you value most in a backpack?

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